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Guess who’s back from an unintentionally long hiatus!!! My hotly anticipated return to blogging has arrived!!

After months of working long hours on all my final pieces of university work, including my dissertation, today is my deadline for all my work. 

…so uni has gone scarily fast…

Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve been up to… 

Trip to Chirk Castle

Easter cake πŸ™‚

My proud face handing in my dissertation!!



Moose Coffee: Liverpool

I love a good coffee as much as the next stressed student. When it come with great food and quirky famous pictures with heads replaced with moose, I love it even more. 


As a reward for a successful week, my friend and I had a large late lunch in a great cafe called Moose Coffee on Wednesday. 

If you’re ever in Liverpool, head on over to Dale Street for some delicious American Style all day breakfasts with fun moose and State related names, milkshakes and fantastic pancakes along with a great atmosphere and super friendly staff. Perfect!
Wednesday saw my American food baby of scrambled egg with baby chorizo and fresh white toast, an amazing cookie dough milkshake and sharing some maple syrup and ice cream pancakes with my friend too! 

cookie dough milkshake


scrambled eggs with chirizo


maple syrup and ice cream pancakes


Check out the menu here!

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Blogging 101: Introductions

Deep breath… Here goes…

Assignment 1 – Who are you? Why do you blog?

My name is Rachel, I’m a second year Psychology student, no, I cannot read your mind.

One of my new year resolutions I intend to keep is to write more for me, unrelated to university assignments. In order to keep this up I have signed up to WordPress’ Blogging 101 course: a free, self-motivated writing challenge, which gives you assignments for making both our blogging experiences (as the reader and the writer) much more enjoyable and fulfilling. Sounds great, right!

I started this blog last summer when I embarked upon an adventure of a lifetime and flew out to Spain to work as an Au Pair. When I returned, and after numerous and very kind comments complementing my writing, I decided to keep the blog up. With this insight, you can imagine the range of topics I have chosen to write about; travel, music, poetry, history, education, student life etc… It is safe to assume this is and will probably remain a rather varied blog.

That isn’t really a great explanation of really why I blog though, is it? Why I bother to inflict my opinions upon the world. I suppose that there is the reason; to inflict my opinions.

Everyone in the world, each of the seven billion and odd humans, has a voice. What separates people is how they chose to use that voice. I am a huge admirer of those with heard voices, celebrities and the like, who use their influence for good; to spread messages of support to individuals, organisations and nations. Angelina Jolie is a a fantastic example.

Being neither influential nor a celebrity, blogging is a brilliant platform that more and more people are joining in order to have their voices heard, to rally support and interest in such a wide range of topics.

I believe this poem accurately describes why writing, and blogging specifically is medium I suspect is going through a twenty first century revolution:

“Writing is safer, somehow
Because my pen cannot stutter like my lips do
And words get stuck in throats
Fingertips can’t stumble
On paper trails of blue lines
Because writing is definite and clear
And no one can tell if I am crying
Or laughing
Through written words alone.”

Here’s to 2015!



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The Freedom of Freshers

The past few weeks have flown by in a blur of alcohol and people. Last year, my Freshers week at university was dismal: homesickness and nerves are not a good combination. So for the second time around, Freshers this year was a lot more successful!

With what I have experienced and leant in my life so far, I want to be able to provide advice for those of you who have headed to university for the first time, or are returning like myself.

First off; homesickness and nerves.
Being homesick is something we all suffer from time to time, it is perfectly natural and I suspect part of the fight or flight defence mechanism. A homing device if you will. If my time in Spain taught me anything, it’s that. Starting university is a difficult leap from A levels or equivalent to degree level working. It is new experiences, new people, new work and, if you have chosen to, living away from home! I will not deviate from truth, it will make you nervous. But that adrenaline in your system will help, I promise.

Try to make the most of a bad situation. I am sharing my house this year with three friends, all of whom go home at the weekend. This is proving difficult as not only does my university house creep me out a little bit, it’s almost always dirty (the perks of living with boys) and almost always empty at weekend. But alas, make do. Yesterday, Beck and I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom top to bottom so now it positively gleams and it feels much better. This weekend I am getting out and about, off to visit my Auntie and Uncle and Grandma who live not far away! Try not to sit alone in your room if you don’t get along with people. Join new things, meet new people, go places with them and meet more. Share things with them, not just food but stories and secrets, it brings people closer and forges friendships from where you would never expect.

Preparation pays off. This past week I have started new classes for my second year, where all my marks count towards my final degree. Thankfully my seminars have the familiar and friendly faces of last year in too, which definitely helps with nerves. I’ve learned from last year that preparation counts, I finished my first year with a 1:1. So this year I intend to keep up and improve my organisation when it comes to assignments and time management.

The other day, one of my lecturers, a German gentleman who often unintentionally borders on the offensive with what he embellishes lectures with, earning giggles, told us something that really hit home. University is the most friendly place we will ever experience in our chosen careers. That university is the place to speak up and embarrass yourself if you get it wrong, to win peer respect if you get it right. The chance to make mistakes and learn from them. Nothing will ever be as friendly as the environment I am in now. This is both scary as hell and exhilarating.

This is what I shall keep in the forefront of my mind this year; step up and plunge into the deep end of experience. Organise and work hard. But play hard too, because life isn’t all academia. Nor is it about the path to true happiness. Create your own happiness in everyday moments. Seek knowledge and experiences and above all enjoy yourself.