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I’ve Graduated!!

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Yesterday was magical!


Photography credit: Sarah Warsaw

It is a firm belief of mine that you have to earn your cap and gown – through hard work, long hours, and questionable cooking as is customary of the university experience.  After all, it is the mark of the end of your academic education and your achievement!  So now, I can finally say that I DID IT!

“…Remain humble, be passionate, and attribute importance to what you do, not what you are.”

– Honorary Graduate, Judge Cuno Jakob Tarfusser of the International Criminal Court (ICC).




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Blogging 101 Inspired By…

This week has consisted of:

  • revision
  • stress
  • procrastination
  • exam
  • writing
  • more procrastinate
  • shopping
  • spending too much
  • running

Inspired by Quantum Hermit’s Bridget Jones’ post