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Photography Thursday: Wild Side

Just three of the stunning collection of photographs sourced from Instagram’s Nikon_Photography_ 

Copyright of Daniel J Cox

Copyright to nikon_photography_

Copyright to instagram’s imagebrief photographer Jeff Yonover



Cheers! – Rachel


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Afternoon Sunshine Strolls

Yesterday afternoon I took my Nikon D5000 out for a walk in the springtime sunshine for the first time since inheriting it. 

I struggled on street corners with all the settings but managed to take a couple of photos…



Photography Thursday – The Atlas of Beauty


These days, beauty has become a fickle concept of the right angled eye liner flicks, thigh gaps and well cut cheekbones.  But for those of us not blessed with Western society’s concept of beauty and a steady hand for that eyeliner? Never fear. 

For today’s Photography Thursday I bring you the portrait talents of Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc, and her ongoing project The Atlas of Beauty.

Noroc has visited over 60 countries, immersing herself and her camera in remote, rich and beautiful cultures.  Her project involves taking portrait photographs of the culture’s concept of beauty.  For the future, she hopes the project to become known worldwide and an inspiration to women to be themselves. If this blog post goes any way towards helping that be achieved, then I believe I have done my good deed for the day.

“In my opinion, beauty means to keep alive your origins and your culture.  To be natural, sincere, authentic, particular, not necessary fashion or skinny.” – retrieved from Noroc’s tumblr

Mihaela Noroc on Instagram, Website, Facebook, Tumblr, Donate Funds here!



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Photography Thursday!


So last weekend brought the end of my Blogging 101 course. Unfortunately I’m a little behind. So today, I am starting a new feature which will occur the first Thursday of every month.

Welcome to Photography Thursdays!

Every month I will either post about a photographer I admire, or one of my own photographs I am proud of.

So onwards and upwards…

February’s Photography Thursday’s feature is Richard Silver.

His series ‘Time Slice‘ is an ongoing project depicting how iconic buildings and monuments change with the light of day.


Silver patiently takes around 36 photos before layering them together to create the final compositions.

I love this concept showing the true lights of day and how the different hues of blue (my favourite colour) change beautifully depending on the time.



Silver’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.



Disclaimer: All photography depicted here is that of Richard Silver. I intend no copyright breach, I’m just an admirer.

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Top 5 London Activities

I spent last weekend down in the Big Smoke visiting my sister. We mostly chilled and enjoyed a little walk but having been down to the capital numerous times since she moved I have complied a short little list of paramount London activities. I have the hope that this also fulfils my Blogging 101 assignment of a different post type.

On with the show.

My London activities in no particular order…

1. Get cultured!

There is much to see and do in London and something for everyone to sink their teeth into. From renowned art galleries such as the National Portrait Gallery to paying a visit to Parliament Square and the amazing architecture of Elizabeth Tower and Westminster Abbey.

Elizabeth Tower, holding Big Ben (the bell)

Elizabeth Tower, holding Big Ben (the bell)

The Sherlock Holmes Pub, in homage to ACD's famous fictional London Detective.

The Sherlock Holmes Pub, in homage to ACD’s famous fictional London Detective.

2. Rediscover roots!

London is one of the longest inhabited cities in Europe, with archeological evidence indicating the area around Vauxhall Bridge has been occupied for at least 3,500 years.  All that history and scandal and death in one city. Take advantage! Choose to visit the incredible Historical Royal Palaces, homes of great monarchs, past and present. Or unearth prehistoric wonders in the Natural History Museum, including information and artefacts.

Hampton Court Palace, Historic Royal Palace of King Henry the Eighth

Hampton Court Palace, Historic Royal Palace of King Henry the Eighth

Tudor Rose stained glass

Tudor Rose stained glass

3. Take a nap!

When the insane hustle and bustle of the inner city and the continuously busy tube gets you down, and the only thought keeping you from falling asleep on the tube is ‘what if I dribble?’ why not retire to your hotel for a cat-nap?  Just twenty minutes can do wonders for your motivation to get back out there.

4. Eat good food!

London is a cosmopolitan; rich in cultures from around the world thanks to its millions of inhabitants.  This means, with knowing where to look, you can find almost any world cuisine you can hanker for.  For more great food recommendations, visit warsawsworld.co.uk

Covent Garden Cocktails

Covent Garden Cocktails

5. The West End!

I can think of nothing that compares to live theatre.  If you have never had the pleasure, perhaps you are dubious to the cost, I urge you to go.  Yes, admittedly it does cost that little bit extra, but really how cheap is a cinema trip these days? From stand up comedy to full theatrical musicals there is some thing to suit all tastes.  See a classic, like The Lion King, or chose to be one of the first to see a brand new show, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Choose something that is on permanently, or get downtown for that one show that’s only playing for a few weeks! Choose the theatre.

The Bodyguard Musical I saw for my 18th Birthday

The Bodyguard Musical I saw for my 18th Birthday

Mojo play, my best friend and I watched for three of our favourite actors!

Mojo play, my best friend and I watched for three of our favourite actors!



Day 3 – Buenos días!

I am discovering that the Spanish make the most of the day much more than I am used to and I feel kids are a little like newborn vampires.

We’ll clear up my second discovery first. Kids as newborn vampires, inexhaustible from their human blood rushing through their veins! They’re still kicking at almost midnight. Just about.

As for the Spanish squeezing every minute from their day, technically it is a great philosophy! But it is knackering too!! On Thursday I slept a little later than I wanted because I hadn’t changed half my clocks. It was just the youngest, Raúl, and I through Thursday and Friday. We chilled with the tv and colours and, on Raúl’s part, a kilogram of yogurt.

Thursday afternoon we took the crazy dog for a little walk and found a play area which I think might be a gold mine for days when we don’t know what to do. Thursday evening saw the kids pulling out family albums which made me a little homesick, but hearing their stories and speaking to Maria on her pictures too was great! The family have pictures hunting rabbits and the successful capture. The host father, Adolfo, works very hard during the week and I gather at the weekend his hobbies to unwind include farming and cigarettes!

Friday afternoon Raúl and I visited the swimming pool which has awesome fingerprint recognition technology. So, fabulously, I can visit the gym and pool with just a touch to the pad.

Friday evening after a quick snack when María and the girls returned home, the five of us jumped in the car to the gardens of the Palace of Aranjuez! A strong contender as my new favourite palace. The gardens were free to enter and seriously beautiful! Somewhere I know for sure my mum would love! I was even persuaded to run through sprinklers by Gema but did not get as drenched as she did!




Gema and Raúl ended up wrapped in towels in the car home. We took a quick stop at Aranjuez train station, which is so beautiful! Nothing like my home line of Merseyrail! I was also dressed up by the children as a Spanish dancer, little tap heels that were too small and lots of noise on a stone floor!

Today Maria, Raúl and I cheered on the girls as they finished their basketball camp. On the way home we stopped off at a market street which sold everything from fruit (fruta) and vegetables (verduras) to jewellery (joyas), clothes (ropa) and underwear (bragas)! The heat (calor) and the need for food (comida) and water (agua) got us back to the house (casa)!


In a side note, my inability to roll r’s is becoming a problem. And every time I correct one of the children on pronunciation or tell them what something is in English it sounds bizarre. Think about the word chandelier!! And flip flop. They had a right giggle at that!

This evening we chilled at the pool and I got to do some proper swimming for myself which was bliss. I feel the sports place might be a haven for me! Some board games and nibbles later and it’s bed time!!

Tomorrow, Madrid! Cheers!