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Snapshots from Devon

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Last week my family and I spent a wonderful seven days down in South Devon.  A spot of sunshine, plenty of coffee, and a view of the ocean and estuary kept us all happy.  Here’s a couple of photos because we had lots of fun! 🙂  Sometimes, travelling within your own country is perfect.


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My 21st Birthday

Back in the middle of April, my family and I celebrated my 21st birthday!!

On the 13th I started my day in my last ever university lecture and receiving first class essay marks back, before returning home for a meal with my parents in Liverpool. 

We met up in the Brewdog bar where my sister surprised (scared the daylights out of) me!! She had travelled up from London for our meal all together, which was the best! 

Reunited, the four of us visited an amazing restaurant on Rodney Street called Puschka; amazing traditional British food, and super friendly staff! We had the early bird special three-course menu (around £25 per head), which was perfect. Highly recommend from me for those extra special occasions!!

The next Saturday afternoon saw 5 of us attempt Breakout, an interactive game, in which you have to solve clue of varying degrees of difficulty in order to unlock the door!! Prices fluctuate based on number of players, but well worth the fun!!

Afterwards, my whole family joined us in Liverpool from various counties around the country. Dressed in our glad rags, we enjoyed an amazing meal at Il Forno; an Italian family owned restaurant with a welcoming and friendly vibe. We enjoyed great food from one of their set menus (around £30 per head). The same Italian family own a couple of amazing places in Liverpool, including a pizzeria and patisserie where my delicious birthday cake was made. They looked after us all so wonderfully! 

Afterwards, we ventured downhill to the newly build Clubhouse in Chavasse Park. The interior is beautifully themed as a New England yacht club, with a fantastic buzzing atmosphere. A large reserved table and a couple of bottles of prosecco to replace our bloodstreams ensured a brilliant birthday bonanza! 

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Spanish Food Recipe

Today I want to share a great recipe with you all. It’s definately an easy family favourite and is originally one of Nigella’s.  

Spanish Chicken and Chorizo

So in our little tray bake for 2 people, we’ve got:

  • 4 chicken thighs
  • An onion cut into chunks
  • Plenty of delicious chorizo
  • Some little new potatoes
  • The zest and juice of an orange
  • A sprinkling of Oregano
  • A drizzle of olive oil 

Throw everything in together and pop in the oven at Gas Mark 7 (180 Degrees Celsius for about an hour. 



Blogging 101: My Dream Reader

In truth, the assignment of the 7th of January had me a little flummoxed. Hence this very late delivery of it.

My dream reader? I realised I could chose anyone at all; alive or dead, past or present, famous or a distant relative of my own. But honestly, I had utterly no clue. I consulted a number of resources for inspiration; the wider internet and the Blogging 101 forums before turning to my elder sister. She suggested I do a favourite author. So this could have been to JK Rowling, or John Green.

And then I realised just how much my sister’s opinion mattered to me.

Can you see where this is going? She’ll think me silly for this…

My Dream Reader Assignment

Dear Sarah,

Admiration is a funny business. It can kindle mistakenly demonstrated bouts of devotion in some, and huge waves of ferocious jealously in others. When it comes to you and I, though, I think I have had my share of both.

I no doubt endlessly infuriated you when we were very young, pinching your clothes in a bout of devotion, and throwing one colourful and unfortunately fated tape player down the stairs, a casualty of said ferocious jealousy. The reason for which I cannot recall, but am sure it would have been of paramount importance at the time.

There are reasons for such behaviours, ones I loathe to admit aloud or to you face to face. But, alas, here it is; the truth, Sarah, is that I wholly admired you.

How could I not? You are my elder sister and, in my young eyes at least, the pinnacle of familial achievement. As you move from strength to strength, I felt as if I was walking through a muddy bog; always stuck at one point.

I think it is the curse of being the younger child to forever be trying to keep up with the elder.

It is only very recently that I have come to the dawning realisation that I am my own person. No matter how much my younger self longed to be more like you, my present self, and it’s taken almost twenty years to get here, now knows that we are completely different.

And most importantly… That is perfectly okay.

I also now know that I, too, have accomplished more than I give myself credit for. I should remind my younger self that you are four years older. And so much can happen in four years.

As for my admiration for you? It still lives, very strongly.

Lots of love