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Strive to be a Warrior Princess

Do you consider yourself a feminist? 

If you wish for men and women to achieve true equality one day, then the answer is yes. Unfortunately, and despite campaigns such as HeForShe, which calls for men specifically to advocate gender equality, the double standards in the sexes still exist today in 2015. 

UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson. Watson helped launch the HeForShe.

Admittedly, I do not often seriously consider these issues. But upon reading something, it really struck me. 

It’s kinda messed up that we associate the term ‘princess’ with being spoilt, petty, shallow and weak, while we associate ‘prince’ with being dashing, courageous, powerful and strong. 

Think about that. It’s true! In most long lasting children’s story, fantasy TV show, game and film, and even in general vernacular, ‘princesses’ are spoilt, petty and weak. It’s the job of the ‘prince’ to uphold ideas of strength, duty and courage. 

Once Upon A Time; the only fantasy TV show I know of, which shows proper Warrior Princesses in charge of their own fates and fortunes! Also happens to be a great watch

In the week of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becoming our longest reigning monarch, I’m questioning these ideas, and society in general. (Okay, so I might be having a small existential crisis). 

Our Queen spent the first twenty five years of her life as a Princess, and continues to embody strength, beauty, courage and duty throughout. 

Beauty, grace, wisdom, strength, duty. Queen Elizabeth II

So why shouldn’t every families princes and princesses be afforded the same chance to be whatever they choose?!
So kick society’s vernacular (word of the week) and ‘social expectations’ to the kerb. Embody your own values and strive to be the kick-ass warrior princess of your own life! Fight that dragon, achieve that goal and eat cake too!

Values I strive to; 

  • Individuality
  • Knowledge
  • Strength 
  • Friendship

What do you strive to embody?