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Hello again!


Although I’ve held a Bloglovin’ account for a long time it’s never actually been linked to my blog. Stupid, I know, right! But with so many blogs that I follow being across platforms I’ve finally got around to keeping up.  Thank you for patience and stay tuned while I co-ordinate myself (/my entire life).


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My 21st Birthday

Back in the middle of April, my family and I celebrated my 21st birthday!!

On the 13th I started my day in my last ever university lecture and receiving first class essay marks back, before returning home for a meal with my parents in Liverpool. 

We met up in the Brewdog bar where my sister surprised (scared the daylights out of) me!! She had travelled up from London for our meal all together, which was the best! 

Reunited, the four of us visited an amazing restaurant on Rodney Street called Puschka; amazing traditional British food, and super friendly staff! We had the early bird special three-course menu (around £25 per head), which was perfect. Highly recommend from me for those extra special occasions!!

The next Saturday afternoon saw 5 of us attempt Breakout, an interactive game, in which you have to solve clue of varying degrees of difficulty in order to unlock the door!! Prices fluctuate based on number of players, but well worth the fun!!

Afterwards, my whole family joined us in Liverpool from various counties around the country. Dressed in our glad rags, we enjoyed an amazing meal at Il Forno; an Italian family owned restaurant with a welcoming and friendly vibe. We enjoyed great food from one of their set menus (around £30 per head). The same Italian family own a couple of amazing places in Liverpool, including a pizzeria and patisserie where my delicious birthday cake was made. They looked after us all so wonderfully! 

Afterwards, we ventured downhill to the newly build Clubhouse in Chavasse Park. The interior is beautifully themed as a New England yacht club, with a fantastic buzzing atmosphere. A large reserved table and a couple of bottles of prosecco to replace our bloodstreams ensured a brilliant birthday bonanza! 

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Stress Less Week

This week is Stress Less Week in conjunction with Active Minds. Seven days of taking action and raising awareness of stress, anxiety and encouraging the idea that speaking out about your troubles is a sign of strength and self-awareness.


5 tips for battling stress:

  1. Exercise – whether you’re a hardcore marathoner, or more of a stroll in the park sort
  2. Talking to friends and family – connecting with your family and friends can help relieve your stress
  3. Striving for your best, not idealized ‘perfection’ – being perfect isn’t possible, so be your best self
  4. Eat well – a healthy diet can aid lessening stress and anxiety
  5. Get some perspective – think about your situation and whether it is as bad as you think, or if you might be blowing it out of proportion




Active Minds are also promoting Self-Care Selfies (#SelfCareSelfie) to share with others your self-care methods.

Join the sharing on Twitter and Instagram.


Here are some pictures of my self-care methods!

Exercise, keeping tidy, tea and ice cream and walks in the sunshine all help me unwind.


Join in and share with me in the comments what methods of self-care you use?

Read more about it here and here.


Photography Thursday – The Atlas of Beauty


These days, beauty has become a fickle concept of the right angled eye liner flicks, thigh gaps and well cut cheekbones.  But for those of us not blessed with Western society’s concept of beauty and a steady hand for that eyeliner? Never fear. 

For today’s Photography Thursday I bring you the portrait talents of Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc, and her ongoing project The Atlas of Beauty.

Noroc has visited over 60 countries, immersing herself and her camera in remote, rich and beautiful cultures.  Her project involves taking portrait photographs of the culture’s concept of beauty.  For the future, she hopes the project to become known worldwide and an inspiration to women to be themselves. If this blog post goes any way towards helping that be achieved, then I believe I have done my good deed for the day.

“In my opinion, beauty means to keep alive your origins and your culture.  To be natural, sincere, authentic, particular, not necessary fashion or skinny.” – retrieved from Noroc’s tumblr

Mihaela Noroc on Instagram, Website, Facebook, Tumblr, Donate Funds here!



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Photography Thursday!


So last weekend brought the end of my Blogging 101 course. Unfortunately I’m a little behind. So today, I am starting a new feature which will occur the first Thursday of every month.

Welcome to Photography Thursdays!

Every month I will either post about a photographer I admire, or one of my own photographs I am proud of.

So onwards and upwards…

February’s Photography Thursday’s feature is Richard Silver.

His series ‘Time Slice‘ is an ongoing project depicting how iconic buildings and monuments change with the light of day.


Silver patiently takes around 36 photos before layering them together to create the final compositions.

I love this concept showing the true lights of day and how the different hues of blue (my favourite colour) change beautifully depending on the time.



Silver’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.



Disclaimer: All photography depicted here is that of Richard Silver. I intend no copyright breach, I’m just an admirer.

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Blogging 101: Ice, Water and Steam

The latest Blogging 101 assignment (I’m a little bit behind, oops) is to take a prompt from The Daily Post and throw your own spin on it. I have chosen the prompt of H2O, found here!

The accompanying article, comments on how everyone has different versions of themselves. From the professional, to the “professional” singer destined for the main stage at Glastonbury only our shower heads are treated too. We’ve all been there, don’t even try to deny it.

Here’s an example of what different people I can be;
Work-In-Progress Writer
Amateur Artist
Film Critic
Good Friend
Stressed Student

It’s such an interesting concept and I believe, rings true throughout. I challenge you to watch how others change in different situations and try to recognise when you do it too! You might notice it in ‘telephone voices’, or your posture on a day you feel good about yourself!

This brings me around to my thoughts on the ice, water, steam prompt; character change not only applies to different situations but also across time. You are a completely different version of you then you were a year ago, or five years ago; like H2O in different states.

Your past is ice; sold and unchanging, forming who you are. Your future is steam; unreachable yet visible from different angles for those forward planners in life. The present is water in it’s liquid form; changeable and ever flowing.

Don’t linger too long in the past. Hindsight is a beautiful thing but, like ice, can freeze your perspective of the here and now. Yet don’t reach for the future too soon either, you cannot hope to capture the steam which slips through your fingers so easily. Be patient, and it shall condense and turn to water, try to enjoy the ever flowing present.


Blogging 101: My Dream Reader

In truth, the assignment of the 7th of January had me a little flummoxed. Hence this very late delivery of it.

My dream reader? I realised I could chose anyone at all; alive or dead, past or present, famous or a distant relative of my own. But honestly, I had utterly no clue. I consulted a number of resources for inspiration; the wider internet and the Blogging 101 forums before turning to my elder sister. She suggested I do a favourite author. So this could have been to JK Rowling, or John Green.

And then I realised just how much my sister’s opinion mattered to me.

Can you see where this is going? She’ll think me silly for this…

My Dream Reader Assignment

Dear Sarah,

Admiration is a funny business. It can kindle mistakenly demonstrated bouts of devotion in some, and huge waves of ferocious jealously in others. When it comes to you and I, though, I think I have had my share of both.

I no doubt endlessly infuriated you when we were very young, pinching your clothes in a bout of devotion, and throwing one colourful and unfortunately fated tape player down the stairs, a casualty of said ferocious jealousy. The reason for which I cannot recall, but am sure it would have been of paramount importance at the time.

There are reasons for such behaviours, ones I loathe to admit aloud or to you face to face. But, alas, here it is; the truth, Sarah, is that I wholly admired you.

How could I not? You are my elder sister and, in my young eyes at least, the pinnacle of familial achievement. As you move from strength to strength, I felt as if I was walking through a muddy bog; always stuck at one point.

I think it is the curse of being the younger child to forever be trying to keep up with the elder.

It is only very recently that I have come to the dawning realisation that I am my own person. No matter how much my younger self longed to be more like you, my present self, and it’s taken almost twenty years to get here, now knows that we are completely different.

And most importantly… That is perfectly okay.

I also now know that I, too, have accomplished more than I give myself credit for. I should remind my younger self that you are four years older. And so much can happen in four years.

As for my admiration for you? It still lives, very strongly.

Lots of love


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2015: Resolutions and Races

New year. New me….

Scrap that idea, I’m perfect. This is resolution number one; self belief.

Yes, it is that time of year again when the streets are filled with new runners, battling the bulge of their post Christmas tummies, and everyone is writing about resolutions. The majority of which will be broken by the dawn of February.

This year I have set myself some goals. This includes a 5km race on 1st March which I am in training for. I hope to run for a local mental health charity called Wirral Mind to raise Mental Health awareness. Resolution number two is improving my split kilometre times.

I am also challenging myself to write something unrelated to university work everyday. I have found a website with daily writing prompts on, and if I am particularly happy with one I might even share in here with you, dear reader. Resolution number three lies herein; write and be proud of that writing.

Christmas was spent with my family, playing our own version of BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. In the week between Christmas and New Year we managed to visit the extended family for fun and food all together. Time with friends is always crucial too.

I wish you a very happy and successful 2015, whatever your plans, dreams and ambitions. Let’s prove me wrong and keep those resolutions going!!





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Remember Remember

Today has been a great day! Well worth having a 7am alarm. Here’s how it went;

A good lecture on forensics. The announcement of my favourite actor and true gent, Benedict Cumberbatch, getting married. Finished series one of Once Upon A Time, a TV show well worth watching despite my hesitant start. A beautiful house viewing and securing with five lovely girls. A visit to an art shop and cheeky purchases. Home for Bonfire Night fireworks and food at the best friend’s house.


“Remember, remember
The fifth of November
Gun power, treason and plot…

For you non-Brits that do not know, Bonfire Night falls on the 5th November and celebrates the interception and prevention of a man named Guy Fawkes from blowing up the Houses of Parliament and killing the government and the King in 1605.

This, I find a little ironic to be celebrated as no one really like Parliament or Politicians these days anyway.

In further thought, views hereby expressed are solely my own, I have no intention to cause distress or offence.

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Tearful Times & Future Fun

The past few weeks have been so crazy hectic I’ve barely had chance to breath, let alone even think about updating this blog.

A month ago, my extraordinary Grandpa passed away. The funeral planning and lead up has left my family and I exhausted. Inspired, I chose to knock around some of my own ideas and thoughts, which resulted in writing a short piece to read at the funeral in memory of my Grandpa.

So last week, I made his memory, and the rest of my family proud by standing in front of a church full of people to share our memories and my thoughts on my Grandpa.

These past weeks I have also collected my keys for my new university house. Myself and three friends took the plunge of adulthood and signed for a cute four bed terrace.

In the spirit of wanting my room to be homely and sweet, I have also hand sewed 8 metres of bespoke bunting. Complete the look with Primark bed sheets, cushions, and colourful towels and mats, I think I’ve made my room look lovely compared to the grim interior and annoyingly dirty windows when I first arrived.



Blog revamp and rename will take place when inspiration hits!

Cheers, folks!