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I’ve Graduated!!

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Yesterday was magical!


Photography credit: Sarah Warsaw

It is a firm belief of mine that you have to earn your cap and gown – through hard work, long hours, and questionable cooking as is customary of the university experience.  After all, it is the mark of the end of your academic education and your achievement!  So now, I can finally say that I DID IT!

“…Remain humble, be passionate, and attribute importance to what you do, not what you are.”

– Honorary Graduate, Judge Cuno Jakob Tarfusser of the International Criminal Court (ICC).




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My 21st Birthday

Back in the middle of April, my family and I celebrated my 21st birthday!!

On the 13th I started my day in my last ever university lecture and receiving first class essay marks back, before returning home for a meal with my parents in Liverpool. 

We met up in the Brewdog bar where my sister surprised (scared the daylights out of) me!! She had travelled up from London for our meal all together, which was the best! 

Reunited, the four of us visited an amazing restaurant on Rodney Street called Puschka; amazing traditional British food, and super friendly staff! We had the early bird special three-course menu (around £25 per head), which was perfect. Highly recommend from me for those extra special occasions!!

The next Saturday afternoon saw 5 of us attempt Breakout, an interactive game, in which you have to solve clue of varying degrees of difficulty in order to unlock the door!! Prices fluctuate based on number of players, but well worth the fun!!

Afterwards, my whole family joined us in Liverpool from various counties around the country. Dressed in our glad rags, we enjoyed an amazing meal at Il Forno; an Italian family owned restaurant with a welcoming and friendly vibe. We enjoyed great food from one of their set menus (around £30 per head). The same Italian family own a couple of amazing places in Liverpool, including a pizzeria and patisserie where my delicious birthday cake was made. They looked after us all so wonderfully! 

Afterwards, we ventured downhill to the newly build Clubhouse in Chavasse Park. The interior is beautifully themed as a New England yacht club, with a fantastic buzzing atmosphere. A large reserved table and a couple of bottles of prosecco to replace our bloodstreams ensured a brilliant birthday bonanza! 

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Guess who’s back from an unintentionally long hiatus!!! My hotly anticipated return to blogging has arrived!!

After months of working long hours on all my final pieces of university work, including my dissertation, today is my deadline for all my work. 

…so uni has gone scarily fast…

Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve been up to… 

Trip to Chirk Castle

Easter cake 🙂

My proud face handing in my dissertation!!

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Disconnect to Reconnect 

Look around train carriages and queues these days and what do you see? Hundreds of us glued to our phones, updating our status, tweeting and checking email. 

There is the idea that being constantly plugged in is neurologically damaging, causing increased anxiety. Social Media also is prime ground for impression management; people control what they post to present themselves and their experiences in the very best light, which leads to low self esteem for the rest of us! 

I am not innocent of these crimes myself, although social media is fascinating, addictive, and brilliant all at once.  In order to gain some mindful perspective, I set myself the challenge to switch off from social media for a day. Disconnect to reconnect with the world in a Digital Detox

Here are the provisos I agreed with myself in order to reduce negative psychological impact on my social media addled brain. I can reply to texts, but completely cut out Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It is a far cry from the complete digital detox I wish to partake in, but it is a step forward for the digital generation me. 

10:26: Up and out running errands around town. This went well, social media block-wise, as I did not feel the urge to constantly look at my phone. 

12:16: Go to open Facebook and stopped by the fact I’ve labelled my social folder on my iPhone as ‘NO’. Open notes to start writing this blog instead. 

12:34: Phone removed from accessible reach on desk and to other side of room. 

1:30: Lunchtime. The struggle to not check my Twitter is real. 

4:37: Actually being productive. Perhaps there is merit to this lark after all. 

18:03: Cooking tea before changing and heading out for late night ladies swimming. 

21:50: Home from swimming. No social media usage all day. Rather proud of myself. Does this mean I can tweet about my accomplishment yet?
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Heartbeat in Covent Garden

While in London last week, I heard about an installation by French photographer Charles Pétillion, which is in Covent Garden.

On Wednesday afternoon, we ventured into Central to see over 100,000 white balloons, each with their own dimensions and lit from within.  Entitled Heartbeat, it’s part of a photograph series called Invasions, in which these white balloons occupy unusual spaces.



It is by Péttillion’s design that the slowly pulsating light from within the balloons, which stretch down the length of the Market Building, represents how it is the beating heart of the locality; vibrant and alive with energy!

I can certainly feel this energy; Covent Garden is one of my favourites places in the whole of London!

The installation is on display until the 27th of September, so if you get chance do check it out and let me know what you think!

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Keeping Busy!

Such a successful week:

1. Monday morning saw me take on motorway driving without bringing harm to others!

2. I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday down in London Town. My friend and I walked across the city, ate too much delicious food, drank the infamous Pumpkin Spice Lattes (FYI, amazing), and visited the National Archives in Kew. 

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are definately worth the hype

Strolls in St James’ Park with the bestie

3. On Friday I packed up my clothes and extra bits and pieces to move properly into my university room on Saturday, ready for Fresher’s Week and the start of term! 
4. This week I have also started my second Blogging U course, Blogging 201; a free and casually timed series of assignments to improve the blogging experience for both blogger and reader. Such a busy week means I’m super behind on this whole course, but who’s checking, right?! 

Have you been busy too? Sharing is caring…