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A Taste of Corporate Life

As with many recent graduates (I hope), I have spent the last few months trying to work out; what’s next. Do I want to go straight into the workplace, or should I feed my desire for knowledge further and go back to education?

I am currently working part time in a retail job, which is great because it gives me some pennies to spend and some time to research what I want to pursue.

But it’s not utilizing my skills or the specifics of my education.

A couple of weeks ago, my university’s careers centre asked if I would answer some graduate career questions about how my degree is relevant in my current role. The short answer is; it’s not. However, this forced me to reconsider how best to understand what I do want to achieve in terms of career prospects.


What better way than first-hand experience!


Last week I spent two days shadowing my sister, Sarah, in the London offices of corporate giant, IBM; an great experience, which came at exactly the right time! The perfect opportunity to learn a little of what it would be like to have a career that fully utilised the skills I learnt at university; both specific to my degree and transferable.

Cognitive Queen badge

Cognitive Queen

Helping Sarah with her ‘to-do’ list meant that I was completing tasks towards the output of the Marketing, Brand and Communications team she is a part of. Simultaneously fulfilling my own New Year’s resolution promise to do something measurably productive each day.

I wrote paid social copy for IBM’s projects and collaborations, including the work of their ‘cognitive’ technology, Watson (redefining everything I know about cognitive from a psychological perspective). Watson technology is working towards improving patient experience in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, and is being developed for other applications, from cancer detection to the next generation of fitness trackers. Move over, FitBit!

As the cherry on top, I have since learnt that the work I did has been approved for publication, so I can add it to my CV towards experience gained for future employment!

Throughout the two days I also spent time learning about other aspects of the business and different roles from Sarah’s contacts; listening in on meetings, calls and having one-to-one talks with people from across marketing.

This made the whole experience invaluable as I gained multiple perspectives and understood a little more about the different types of marketing, across both traditional and digital channels.

To those who took the time to speak to me, thank you.


Unbelievably, a week has now passed since my time in London! Given my attitude towards returning to the land of retail afterwards, it is safe to say that I did choose the right degree, despite my recent reservations.


Now it is down to me to retain my productivity, achieve a place on that Masters course, and smash this week’s job interview. So that next time the university calls about that degree I’ve spent thirty grand on, I can say for certain that it was right choice and relevant in my career.

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Heartbeat in Covent Garden

While in London last week, I heard about an installation by French photographer Charles Pétillion, which is in Covent Garden.

On Wednesday afternoon, we ventured into Central to see over 100,000 white balloons, each with their own dimensions and lit from within.  Entitled Heartbeat, it’s part of a photograph series called Invasions, in which these white balloons occupy unusual spaces.



It is by Péttillion’s design that the slowly pulsating light from within the balloons, which stretch down the length of the Market Building, represents how it is the beating heart of the locality; vibrant and alive with energy!

I can certainly feel this energy; Covent Garden is one of my favourites places in the whole of London!

The installation is on display until the 27th of September, so if you get chance do check it out and let me know what you think!

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Keeping Busy!

Such a successful week:

1. Monday morning saw me take on motorway driving without bringing harm to others!

2. I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday down in London Town. My friend and I walked across the city, ate too much delicious food, drank the infamous Pumpkin Spice Lattes (FYI, amazing), and visited the National Archives in Kew. 

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are definately worth the hype

Strolls in St James’ Park with the bestie

3. On Friday I packed up my clothes and extra bits and pieces to move properly into my university room on Saturday, ready for Fresher’s Week and the start of term! 
4. This week I have also started my second Blogging U course, Blogging 201; a free and casually timed series of assignments to improve the blogging experience for both blogger and reader. Such a busy week means I’m super behind on this whole course, but who’s checking, right?! 

Have you been busy too? Sharing is caring…


Strive to be a Warrior Princess

Do you consider yourself a feminist? 

If you wish for men and women to achieve true equality one day, then the answer is yes. Unfortunately, and despite campaigns such as HeForShe, which calls for men specifically to advocate gender equality, the double standards in the sexes still exist today in 2015. 

UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson. Watson helped launch the HeForShe.

Admittedly, I do not often seriously consider these issues. But upon reading something, it really struck me. 

It’s kinda messed up that we associate the term ‘princess’ with being spoilt, petty, shallow and weak, while we associate ‘prince’ with being dashing, courageous, powerful and strong. 

Think about that. It’s true! In most long lasting children’s story, fantasy TV show, game and film, and even in general vernacular, ‘princesses’ are spoilt, petty and weak. It’s the job of the ‘prince’ to uphold ideas of strength, duty and courage. 

Once Upon A Time; the only fantasy TV show I know of, which shows proper Warrior Princesses in charge of their own fates and fortunes! Also happens to be a great watch

In the week of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becoming our longest reigning monarch, I’m questioning these ideas, and society in general. (Okay, so I might be having a small existential crisis). 

Our Queen spent the first twenty five years of her life as a Princess, and continues to embody strength, beauty, courage and duty throughout. 

Beauty, grace, wisdom, strength, duty. Queen Elizabeth II

So why shouldn’t every families princes and princesses be afforded the same chance to be whatever they choose?!
So kick society’s vernacular (word of the week) and ‘social expectations’ to the kerb. Embody your own values and strive to be the kick-ass warrior princess of your own life! Fight that dragon, achieve that goal and eat cake too!

Values I strive to; 

  • Individuality
  • Knowledge
  • Strength 
  • Friendship

What do you strive to embody?

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Theatre Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

For as far back as I care to recall I have held a love for theatre. I’ve seen a wide range from stunning musicals; one which originally started out as Wizard of Oz fan fiction, another an interestingly staged dark humour play, I admit I only when to see because of the star-studded cast.
But on Friday night, my theatre expectations were blown to pieces and rebuild higher than before.
I have strived to make this post spoiler free!


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

For years my family has owned a book called The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. One of those you vaguely recall enjoying as you read it, and its sat on a shelf since. However, when I found out that the National Theatre’s Curious play was coming on tour to my city’s stage, I found the book and re-read it before booking my tickets.
Good gracious.
I was not disappointed.
For those who don’t know, Curious Incident tells the story of an exciting murder mystery adventure through the extraordinary eyes of Christopher, a fifteen year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. He loves maths and astronauts and hates the colours yellow and brown and being touched.
Because the story centres around Christopher’s perceptions of the world the scriptwriter knew that the play would have to bring those experiences to its audience. The original author, Mark Haddon, doubted his novel could be adapted for the stage or screen, but was miraculously and very successfully proved wrong.
In 2015 alone, it has won four outstanding play awards, including the prestigious Tony Awards for Best Play, Actor, Director, Scenic Design, Lighting and Choreography. This comes alongside its seven Olivier awards in 2013!



Using electronic sound, light and dark, motion choreography and incredible performances by talented actors, the audience is drawn into Christopher’s mind as he solves the mystery of the dog which takes him so much further than the end of his street.
And you leave with Christopher drawn into your heart. Five stars!

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Top 5 London Activities

I spent last weekend down in the Big Smoke visiting my sister. We mostly chilled and enjoyed a little walk but having been down to the capital numerous times since she moved I have complied a short little list of paramount London activities. I have the hope that this also fulfils my Blogging 101 assignment of a different post type.

On with the show.

My London activities in no particular order…

1. Get cultured!

There is much to see and do in London and something for everyone to sink their teeth into. From renowned art galleries such as the National Portrait Gallery to paying a visit to Parliament Square and the amazing architecture of Elizabeth Tower and Westminster Abbey.

Elizabeth Tower, holding Big Ben (the bell)

Elizabeth Tower, holding Big Ben (the bell)

The Sherlock Holmes Pub, in homage to ACD's famous fictional London Detective.

The Sherlock Holmes Pub, in homage to ACD’s famous fictional London Detective.

2. Rediscover roots!

London is one of the longest inhabited cities in Europe, with archeological evidence indicating the area around Vauxhall Bridge has been occupied for at least 3,500 years.  All that history and scandal and death in one city. Take advantage! Choose to visit the incredible Historical Royal Palaces, homes of great monarchs, past and present. Or unearth prehistoric wonders in the Natural History Museum, including information and artefacts.

Hampton Court Palace, Historic Royal Palace of King Henry the Eighth

Hampton Court Palace, Historic Royal Palace of King Henry the Eighth

Tudor Rose stained glass

Tudor Rose stained glass

3. Take a nap!

When the insane hustle and bustle of the inner city and the continuously busy tube gets you down, and the only thought keeping you from falling asleep on the tube is ‘what if I dribble?’ why not retire to your hotel for a cat-nap?  Just twenty minutes can do wonders for your motivation to get back out there.

4. Eat good food!

London is a cosmopolitan; rich in cultures from around the world thanks to its millions of inhabitants.  This means, with knowing where to look, you can find almost any world cuisine you can hanker for.  For more great food recommendations, visit warsawsworld.co.uk

Covent Garden Cocktails

Covent Garden Cocktails

5. The West End!

I can think of nothing that compares to live theatre.  If you have never had the pleasure, perhaps you are dubious to the cost, I urge you to go.  Yes, admittedly it does cost that little bit extra, but really how cheap is a cinema trip these days? From stand up comedy to full theatrical musicals there is some thing to suit all tastes.  See a classic, like The Lion King, or chose to be one of the first to see a brand new show, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Choose something that is on permanently, or get downtown for that one show that’s only playing for a few weeks! Choose the theatre.

The Bodyguard Musical I saw for my 18th Birthday

The Bodyguard Musical I saw for my 18th Birthday

Mojo play, my best friend and I watched for three of our favourite actors!

Mojo play, my best friend and I watched for three of our favourite actors!