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Jaunty Goat Coffee Company



Yesterday my friend Amy and I met in Chester for shopping, coffee and exploring the little back alleyways. Instead of heading to the usual likes of giant chain coffee shops we sampled the delights of the Jaunty Goat.

Head down to Bridge Street and the Jaunty Goat is a delightful independent with beautiful coffee and generous cake portions; the icing on the red velvet cake was delicious. The food and refreshment choices are varied without being overwhelming and they even supply their own range of coffee beans to other local businesses and stores.


Spot Amy in the mirror 🙂

The place was pleasantly bustling and, considering they made local news when the shop closed to move to new premises in 2015, the coffee and friendly service is obviously loved by many. Inside, the copper detailing, low hung lighting and bright frontage creates the perfect mood for coffee and chats.


Jaunty Goat, Bridge Street



Gotta Catch ‘Em All

By now we’ve all either witnessed the craze sweeping the nation or been caught in the Pokéball contagion ourselves.

That’s right, Pokémon Go launched and instantly turned viral thanks to the adopting nature of it’s target market; Millennials and Generation Z.

Harnessing nostalgia, GPS and VR tech has proved epidemic. 

(links to engadget.com)

I haven’t yet fallen prey to the addiction as an adult, although I was seriously affected as a child. I spent hours swapping and collecting the cards in the school playground – at least until they were banned – and afterwards caught and trained the virtual Japanese monsters on my Nintendo SP (remember those?!)

Since then I’ve become fascinated with the psychological applications of gaming and Virtual Reality tech, especially after studying a module of CyberPsychology at University.

The negativity around gaming is always focused on the violent, anti-social and obesity aspects.  Granted, there has been reports of gun-point robbery, traffic congestion and trespassing as Trainers converge on Pokémon infested lands and Gyms. There’s no doubt the dangers and risks of this are horrendous.

However gaming in general can have pro-social, cognitive distraction and psychological benefits.

The dawn of the Pokémon revival is ensuring cooperative and friendly game play, as well as encouraging physical activity as gamers explore their neighbourhoods seeking out the virtual monsters in our real world.

Plus, if you manage to screenshot selfies with your favourites then it’s a win-win situation!

Although we do need to be wary of our behaviour, I believe that any light and nostalgic relief, which can be brought to the world in this age of terror and unrest, has the potential to make even a small difference to people’s lives!
Have you caught the contagion? Or have you caught ’em all? Comment and let me know 🙂

Read more about the science behind Pokémon Go here!

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Warsaw’s Fun Guide

Near the end of June, after dissertations and diplomas were completed, Sarah and I celebrated by using the plane tickets she bought me for my birthday and spent three days soaking up the sunshine, culture, and beer of our namesake! #warsawsinwarsaw

Here’s our Warsaw’s Fun Guide to Warsaw!

Warsaw’s Fun Guide

 1. Live like a local. Travelling on the cheap, we booked ourselves in to an Airbnb apartment and lived there. Even only for two nights! The studio apartment was amazingly compact and perfect for the two of us.

2. Sample the Cuisine. The pair of us have always been big foodies, so trying the local delicacy was a must! If only to keep holiday hanger at bay. Poland’s version of traditional fast food comes from Milk Bars, which were certainly an experience! Instant service and instant uncertainty. Delicious breakfasts were found at the café To Lubie in the Old Town; hot continental croissants with fluffy cream cheese and jam. Amazing. We returned on our second morning to try the local version too!

Amazing breakfasts at To Lubie


3. By foot… Walk everywhere! Seriously comfortable shoes are a must, a fact I learnt the hard way. We did manage to wander off our intended path every now and then, but always found our way back. Top sights to see include the Multimedia Fountain Park, which comes to life on Friday and Saturday nights, and Stalin’s Palace of Culture and Science!

Sarah and I

Palace of Culture and Science

4. By train… Avid readers of Warsaw’s World will understand how much Sarah loves a good Underground system. Warsaw’s Metro is clean, quiet, and every couple of minutes; a delight in itself, especially compared to the local rail network in Liverpool!


5. Play the Tourist. We picked up a phase book and gave the lingo our best shot!  Everyone we spoke to pronounced words differently, so it definitely wasn’t the easiest to get your head, and tongue, around.  But gallons of fun regardless!
Play Spot the Mermaid and keep your eyes peeled for statues of the Mermaid of Warsaw, the city’s symbol, which also decorates their Coat of Arms. We managed to find four across the city! 

What fun things do you love getting up to in new places? I’d love to know any recommendations! 

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National Day Without Stigma 2015

Today is National Day Without Stigma (NDWS)
This post is inspired by my best friend, Rebecca, who for the past few years has been struggling with depression and anxiety. Read about her squashing stigmas and speaking up here!

Rebecca’s blog

A stigma is defined as:

A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality or person. 

Stigma around mental health issues has always been in society, from the days when even those with Alzheimer’s were locked into asylums for insanity. 
Active Minds have started the NDWS in order to eliminate the shame surrounding mental health, and to promote understanding, awareness and support. 

Active Minds

There’s 3 ways to help promote today:
1. Watch your language.  We’re all guilty of it, honestly I know I am. But be mindful of saying things like “she’s crazy” or “I’m so depressed.” Chances are it’s not true, and it just dangerous a sit attached this negativity to those with real mental health concerns. People are not defined by their mental health issues.  
2. Chalk your support.  Get onto that social media, or slip it into IRL conversation: #ReasonsISpeak and get people talking.  

find and follow me on twitter


3. Reach out! If you or someone you know is struggling, getting the right help is so important. Speak up and reach out! 

Hello. My name is Rachel, and I’m a Stigma Fighter


Stigma is shame. Shame causes silence. Silence hurts us all.

The NHS provide helpline numbers and more information. Just follow this link. 

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Heartbeat in Covent Garden

While in London last week, I heard about an installation by French photographer Charles Pétillion, which is in Covent Garden.

On Wednesday afternoon, we ventured into Central to see over 100,000 white balloons, each with their own dimensions and lit from within.  Entitled Heartbeat, it’s part of a photograph series called Invasions, in which these white balloons occupy unusual spaces.



It is by Péttillion’s design that the slowly pulsating light from within the balloons, which stretch down the length of the Market Building, represents how it is the beating heart of the locality; vibrant and alive with energy!

I can certainly feel this energy; Covent Garden is one of my favourites places in the whole of London!

The installation is on display until the 27th of September, so if you get chance do check it out and let me know what you think!


Strive to be a Warrior Princess

Do you consider yourself a feminist? 

If you wish for men and women to achieve true equality one day, then the answer is yes. Unfortunately, and despite campaigns such as HeForShe, which calls for men specifically to advocate gender equality, the double standards in the sexes still exist today in 2015. 

UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson. Watson helped launch the HeForShe.

Admittedly, I do not often seriously consider these issues. But upon reading something, it really struck me. 

It’s kinda messed up that we associate the term ‘princess’ with being spoilt, petty, shallow and weak, while we associate ‘prince’ with being dashing, courageous, powerful and strong. 

Think about that. It’s true! In most long lasting children’s story, fantasy TV show, game and film, and even in general vernacular, ‘princesses’ are spoilt, petty and weak. It’s the job of the ‘prince’ to uphold ideas of strength, duty and courage. 

Once Upon A Time; the only fantasy TV show I know of, which shows proper Warrior Princesses in charge of their own fates and fortunes! Also happens to be a great watch

In the week of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becoming our longest reigning monarch, I’m questioning these ideas, and society in general. (Okay, so I might be having a small existential crisis). 

Our Queen spent the first twenty five years of her life as a Princess, and continues to embody strength, beauty, courage and duty throughout. 

Beauty, grace, wisdom, strength, duty. Queen Elizabeth II

So why shouldn’t every families princes and princesses be afforded the same chance to be whatever they choose?!
So kick society’s vernacular (word of the week) and ‘social expectations’ to the kerb. Embody your own values and strive to be the kick-ass warrior princess of your own life! Fight that dragon, achieve that goal and eat cake too!

Values I strive to; 

  • Individuality
  • Knowledge
  • Strength 
  • Friendship

What do you strive to embody?